Abscess Treatment – Phory Phinsi Ka Ilaj – Danon Ka Ilaj

An Abscess Is A Painful Collection Of Pus, Usually Caused By A Bacterial Infection. Abscesses Can Develop Anywhere In The Body. This Article Focuses On 2 Types Of Abscess: Skin Abscesses – Which Develop Under The Skin. Abscess Treatment  Internal Abscesses – Which Develop Inside The Body, In An Organ Or In The Spaces Between Organs.


Noshader Thikri

Kalmi Shora

Baking Soda

Patri Folad

How To Make?

Kalmi Shora 50g,Noshader Thikri 125g, Baking Soda 125g. Add Half Spoon Of This In Water And Drink It.. When Oil Cooked The Sieve It And Apply It.  

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