Amaltas Benefits – Maidy Ke Ulcer Ka Ilaj – Amaltas Se Ulcer Ka Ilaj

The amaltas is used as analgesic as an antipyretic, it is a remedy for malaria and other fevers. The extract of the flower inhibits the ovarian function and stimulate the uterine function in albino rats. Amaltas fruits are used in the treatment of diabetes. It is antipyretic, abortifacient, demulcent, decreases inflammation and heat of the body useful in chest complaints, throat troubles, liver complaints and diseases of eye and gripping. The pulp of the fruit around the seeds is a mild purgative. The Indications of Decoction (Pods) of Cassia fistula Linn. are Inflammations and Diphtheria. The seeds of amaltas are emetic, used in constipation and have cathartic properties. The seeds are slightly sweet and possess laxative, carminative, cooling, improves the appetite and antipyretic activity. They seeds are useful in jaundice, biliousness, skin disease and in swollen throat. Its dried seeds produce marked hypoglycaemic activity. The Seeds powder of amaltas used in amoebiasis. The fruit pulp is used for constipation, colic, and urinary disorders

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