Balchar jatamansi Benefits – Bal Lamby Karne Ka Asan Tariqa – Balon Ka Mukamal Ilaj

Jatamansi is also known as Balchar that is a beneficial herb and used to cure many diseases. This herb is best to prevent mental fatigue, depression, tension, anxiety, and panic disorder. This is a perennial herb having its stem partly underground and partly above ground about 10-60 cm woody long and stout rhizome. It is the drug which is grey in colour as thick as the little-finger, covered by a bundle of fine reddish-brown fibers from the stalks of the dead leaves. Balchar jatamansi Benefits It is used in gastritis,hepatitis,jaundice,impaired liver fuctions,spastic colon,cystitis and metritis. It is also used in the treatement of epilespy,hysteria,other convulsive affections,hyperkinesia, chorea, nervous headache,palpitation of heart, menopausal disturbances and amenorrohea.It is good and effective in insomnia in which is its volatile oil mixed wiht sesame oil is rubbed on the head as a nervine sedative. It promotes growth and blackness of hairs. Hence it is included in the formulations of hair oils and hair oils and hair tonics.

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