Barg E Bansa ke Fayde – Phepron Ke Masail Ka Ilaj – Lungs Treatment With Barge Bansa

In this Video We Tell About The Benefits Of Barg e Bansa. BANSA is probably one of the first Indian medicinal plants which went into commercial utilisation. About one hundred year ago, a few readymade caugh syrups which contained it as the chief ingredient hit the market. Even today, a number of proprietary expectorant formulations using it are being sold in the country.Called by many names such as vasa, vasaka and sinhasya in Sanskrit, Adhatoda vasica scientifically and basuti in popular terms, Bansa is a two to four feet tall dense shrub which grows in wastelands throughout the plains and foothills of India. Depending upon its colour, it has two varieties white and black. Fresh or dried leaves, flowers and the root of the plant are used as medicine Barg E Bansa ke Fayde. Bansa as a cure for diseases arising from vitiated kapha and pitta. It is bitter and astringent in taste and dry, light and cold in effect. Its chemical composition consists of an alkaloid known as vascine which is considered to be its main active principle. Bansa also contains a volatile oil, resin and an acid named adhatodic.

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