Best Remedy For Stomach Patient – Maidy Ki Bimariyun Ka Ilaj – Maidy Ke Dard Ka Mukamal Ilaj

Today We Share Here The Best Remedy For Stomach Problems Like That Stomach Pain, Abdominal Pain Can Be Caused By Many Conditions. However, The Main Causes Are Infection, Abnormal Growths, Inflammation, Obstruction (Blockage), And Intestinal Disorders. And Second Gastric Problem In Stomach, Gastric Problem Or Gastritis Is An Inflammation, Irritation, Or Erosion Of The Lining Of The Stomach. It Starts From Being Acute And Can Turn Gradually Into A Chronic Condition.


Sugar Lumps

Baking Soda

How To Make?

Take 1 Quarter Of Sugar Lumps And Take Baking Soda Nearly 50 Grams. Make Powder Of Sugar Lumps And Mix Both Ingredients.. Eat Half Of This 2 Times In A Day.

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