Eyes Red Treatment – Ankho ka lal Pan Khatam Kare

Eyes Allergy Treatment Eye Allergies, Also Called Allergic Conjunctivitis, Are Quite Common. They Occur When The Eyes React To Something That Irritates Them (Called An Allergen). Eyes Red Treatment The Eyes Produce A Substance Called Histamine To Fight Off The Allergen. As A Result, The Eyelids And Conjunctiva Become Red, Swollen And Itchy



Badranj Boya

Black Pepper

Kashmiri Saffron

How To Make?

Istokhuddus 50g, Baadranj Boya 50g, Black Pepper 10g, Kashmiri Saffron 10g. Make Powder Of All Ingredients. Eat 2 Pinch Of This In Morning And Evening.


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