Gule Banafsha Benefits – Boht He Azmoda Faide Banafsha Ke

Benefits Of Gul e Banafsha (Sweet Violets) Sweet violet is used for treating nervous strain, hysteria, physical and mental exhaustion, depression, and irritability. Its use will moderate anger, strengthen and comfort the heart. It is very useful for digestive tract complaints such as abdominal pain, swelling (inflammation) of the stomach and intestines and the tissues that line them, digestion problems caused by improper diet, gas, heartburn, gallbladder disorders, Gule Banafsha Benefits and loss of appetite. It can also use for respiratory tract conditions, particularly to treat dry or sore throat, stuffy nose, coughs, hoarseness, and bronchitis. It has chemicals that help break up chest congestion by thinning mucous and making it easier to cough up.

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