Habur Irshad Desi Dawa ke Fayde in Urdu – Sar Dard Ka Ilaj Hab Ur Irshad

Garden Cress is an edible related to the family of watercress, mustard and is known for its peppery, tangy flavour and aroma.It is a winter perennial and the leaves are extensively used as a garnish in European foods like pasta, sandwiches, while the tiny, nutty seeds are used in salads, soups and smoothies. Habur Irshad Desi Dawa ke Fayde A mature Garden Cress plant produces white flowers and small seed pods, surprisingly all parts of garden cress are edible – leaves, stems, and seeds.Garden Cress seeds are heaped with nutrients including iron, folate, Vitamin C, A, E, fibre and protein and include these in your daily diet to enjoy a broad spectrum of health benefits.

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