Hair Growth Remedy – Balon Ko Lamba Karne Ka Tarika – Buhat Lamby Bal Karen Bas Is Se

The tip we have given in today’s video is very useful for hair. Doing this will make your hair long and beautiful. You will no longer need to apply expensive shampoo or oil. Follow our this wonderful Remedy.


Fenugreek Seeds


Curry Leave

Rose Gooseberry

Aloe Vera

How to Make?

Gooseberry 200g, Onion 200g, Fenugreek 200g, Aloe Vera 1 Piece. Add Some Pieces of Curry leaf And Rose. Soak All In 200gram Water For 30minutes And Gland All. After Gland Add 1 Liter Cooking Oil Mix And Cook It. Cook On Low Flame. After Cook, Sieve this Oil.  

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