Hepatitis C kue hota Hain Or Us Ka Ilaj

Hepatitis C Virus Causes Both Acute And Chronic Infection. Acute Infections Are Usually Asymptomatic And Most Do Not Lead To A Life-Threatening Disease. Hepatitis C kue hota Hain Around 30% (15–45%) Of Infected Persons Spontaneously Clear The Virus Within 6 Months Of Infection Without Any Treatment.


Noshader Thikri

Aloe Era

How To Make?

Take 50 Grams Of Noshader Thikri And Aloe Era Gel 100 Grams. Make Powder Of Noshader Thikri And Mix Aloe Vera Gel In It. Leave It For Whole Night In The Morning, Squeeze Aloe Era Gel And Sieve It.

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