High Blood Pressure ka Fori Ilaj in Urdu – Bp Control Treatment At Home

Blood Pressure Numbers Of Less Than 120/80 Mm Hg Are Considered Within The Normal Range. If Your Results Fall Into This Category, Stick With Heart-Healthy Habits Like Following A Balanced Diet And Getting Regular Exercise.Elevated Blood Pressure Is When Readings Consistently Range From 120-129 Systolic And Less Than 80 Mm Hg Diastolic. High Blood Pressure ka Fori Ilaj People With Elevated Blood Pressure Are Likely To Develop High Blood Pressure Unless Steps Are Taken To Control The Condition.



Cumin Seeds

Small Cardamom

How To Make?

Add 2 Cardamoms, 1 Spoon Fennel, 1 Small Spoon Of Cumin Seeds In 1 Cup Water. Boil And Sieve It, Add Sugar And Drink It.

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