How To Digest Milk Easily – Doodh Hazam Karne Ka Nuskha

Some people’s Stomach Cannot Digest Milk because for Some Reasons like After Drinking Milk You Sleep You Don’t Take walk and other Many reasons .we tell you Easy way and treatment of milk How To Digest Milk Easily  Digestio.

REMEDY 1 Ingredients




How to Make?

Take Cloves, Cinnamon And Mace in Same Quantity And Make Powder. Eat Half Spoon of This Powder With Water Remedy 2 Ingredients Noshader Dry Ginger Black Pepper How to Make? Black Pepper 10 Grams Dry Ginger 50 Grams Noshader 10 Grams Sana Maki 80 Grams. Make Powder Of All For Ingredients

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