Irregular Periods Treatment – Haiz Ki Kharabi Ki Wajohat Or Ilaj – Haiz Ka Mukamal Ilaj

A Period, Or Menstruation, Is The Part Of The Menstrual Cycle In Which The Endometrial, Which Is The Lining Of The Uterus, Is Shed. This Appears As Bleeding From The Womb That Is Released Through The Vagina Periods Usually Start During Puberty, Between The Ages Of 10 And 16 Years, And Irregular Periods Treatment They Continue Until Menopause, When A Woman Is 45- To 55-Years Old.


Murabba Amla

Harar Murabba

Gram Flour





How To Make?

Remedy 1 Eat Both Murabba In Breakfast. Also Make Gram Flour Bread And Eat It. Remedy 2 Add 4 Cloves And Cinnamon In Water And Cooked This Water Remedy 3 Satte Musabber 10g, Murmuki 10g, Rai 10g, Quste Folad 10g. Gooda Tumba 10g, Safron 5g Make Fine Powder Of All. Make Small Pills Of This With The Help Honey. Eat This Pills In Morning And Evening.

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