Nail Fungus Treatment – Nakhun Main Fungus Ko Door Karen – Qudarti Ilaj

Nail Fungus Is A Common Condition That Begins As A White Or Yellow Spot Under The Tip Of Your Fingernail Or Toenail. As The Fungal Infection Goes Deeper, Nail Fungus May Cause Your Nail To Discolor, Thicken And Crumble At The Edge. It Can Affect Several Nails. Ingredients Olive Oil Myrtle Leave Shatrah Unaab Gulmundi How To Make? Shatrah 5g, Gulmundi 3, Myrtle Leave Powder Half Spoon, Unaab 5. Soak All Ingredients In 1 Glass Water Leave It For Whole Night. Nail Fungus Treatment In The Morning Sieve And Drink It.

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