Pait Kam Karne ka Totka Dasi – Jaldi Pait Kam Hona Bhi Nuksan Hain

Belly Fat Is Excess Abdominal Fat Surrounding The Organs In Your Stomach. There Are Three Types Of Fat: Triglycerides, Subcutaneous Fat Visceral Fat Is Located Beneath Pait Kam Karne ka Totka The Muscles In Your Stomach And Poses Many Dangers To Your Health When There Is Too Much Of It.


Falsy Ki Jar Ki Chaal


Black Pepper




How To Make?

Make Powder Of Falsa Jar Ki Chal And Take 1 Spoon Of It. Take 1 Piece Of Cinnamon And Make Powder. Take 1 Spoon Of Fennel, Black Pepper 6, Cloves 2, Ginger 1 Inch Piece. Cook All Ingredients In 1 Glass Water Sieve And Add Honey In It.

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