Paralysis Treatment – Laqwa Ka Mukamal Ilaj – Organic Chezon Se Laqwa Ka Ilaj

Paralysis Is The Loss Of The Ability To Move Some Or All Of Your Body. It Can Have Lots Of Different Causes, Some Of Which Can Be Serious. Paralysis Treatment Depending On The Cause, It May Be Temporary Or Permanent.


Shilajit: 3 Grams

Salam Misri: 6 Grams

Mustaqi Rumi: 6 Grams

Safaid Mosli: 6 Gram

Mocherus: 6 Grams

Akakia: 6 Gram

Dry Ginger: 6 Grams

How To Make?

Make Powder Of All Ingredients And Make The Pills Of This Powder With The Help Of Sheeri Bargat/Water. Eat This Pills With Honey.

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