Sleeping Disorder – Nend Kam Kiyun Ati Hai – Nend Ka Ilaj

In this Video We tell The treatment Of Disorder Sleeping Also Tell It Reasons. We also Talk about The Tips for Smell Of Onion And garlic Which we feel After Cut Onion And garlic. So , Watch this Video Completely Sleeping Disorder.

*Remedy 1 For the Treatment Of Disorder Sleep

Ingredients Poppy Seeds Oil Pumpkin Oil

How To Make ?

Take Both Oil In Same Quantity And Mix it. Add 1 Spoon Of this Oil in 1 Cup Milk And Drink It. Apply This Oil In Feets And Head And Massage.

*Remedy 2 For the Smell Of Onion And garlic.

Ingredients Vinegar Rock Salt

How to Make?

Add 1 Pintch Of Rock Salt Powder In 1 Spoon Of Vineger

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