Sugar Treatment With Cinnamon – Darcheni Ke Fawaid – Sugar Ka Ilaj Darcheni Se

Diabetes Is A Chronic (Long-Lasting) Health Condition That Affects How Your Body Turns Food Into Energy. Most Of The Food You Eat Is Broken Down Into Sugar (Also Called Glucose) And Released Into Your Bloodstream. Sugar Ka Ilaj Darcheni Se When Your Blood Sugar Goes Up, It Signals Your Pancreas To Release Insulin.


Fenugreek Seeds



How To Make?

Take 2 Pinch Turmeric, 1 Spoon Fenugreek Seeds, 2 Pieces Of Cinnamon. Take 1 Glass Water And Boil It When Water Boiled Then Add All Ingredients. When Water Cooked With All Ingredients Then Drink This Water.

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