Zeera Se Karen Maidy Ka Ilaj – Added jist 2 Item In Zeera Clean you Stomach

Stomach Problem Can Be Caused By Many Conditions. However, The Main Causes Are Infection, Abnormal Growths, Inflammation, Obstruction (Blockage), And Intestinal Disorders. Zeera Se Karen Maidy Ka Ilaj Infections In The Throat, Intestines, And Blood Can Cause Bacteria To Enter Your Digestive Tract, Resulting In Abdominal Pain.


White Cumin

Spear Mint

Baking Soda

How To Make?

Take 50 Grams Of White Cumin And Spear Mint , Make Powder Of This. Add 1 Pinch Of This Powder And 1 Pinch Of Baking Soda In 1 Glass Water. Drink This Water.

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